Two Finger (Shorty) Clutch and Brake Levers

What is a shorty or two finger lever?

Shorty levers are aftermarket replacement clutch and brake levers that are shorter in length than the original manufactured levers. They allow the rider to cover the front brake and clutch lever with only two fingers while curling the other fingers around the handle bar, without pinching any fingers when pulling the clutch.

Standard, original or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) levers are the levers that the bike comes out with when it is bought brand new. These levers are full length levers which run from the connection point right through to almost the end of the handlebar.

If you haven't used shortly levers, you might not know what you are missing. But if you had two-finger levers on an adventure bike before, you will never want to ride with standard long levers again.  

Body Positioning

How should your arms and your hands be positioned when riding off-road and why is this important?

To ride confidently off-road, you need to have an aggressive attitude and be in an attacking position. This means that your elbows must be bent and pushed forward. This position allows you to decouple yourself from the motorcycle in rocky or uneven terrain. Open elbow riding allows your body to move freely on the bike (forward, backwards and towards the sides depending on what the terrain requires) without restrictions.

Usually, when you are uncertain, getting tired and fatigue starts kicking in or you are not riding with conviction, you tend to drop your elbows resulting in a riding position that makes you look like a chicken in a pot. Get the picture? Usually this position will unify you with the bike’s movements making it almost impossible to detach yourself from the bike. When riding off-road it is critical not to become part of the bike’s movements, but to decouple yourself completely from it.

Benefits of fitting Shorty Levers

When holding the handlebars with all 5 fingers wrapped around the grips, clutching until your knuckles are snow-white - will naturally put you in a position where your elbows will be forced against your ribs - yet again not allowing your body to decouple yourself from the movements of the motorcycle. How white should those knuckles then be? Imagine the handgrips of the motorcycle are two toothpaste tubes with both caps slightly opened. The firmness of your hands on the handlebars must be in such a way that the toothpaste don’t come out. To maintain optimum control over the handlebars and ensuring efficient reaction time you want two (or one) fingers positioned on top of the clutch and two (or one) fingers resting on top of the brake lever. The two fingers resting (not pulling whilst riding) on the levers decreases the reaction time when applying the front brake and pulling the clutch in an emergency situation. This results in a reduced stopping distance, potentially saving your life.

They also greatly reduce the reflex response to grab a “handful of brakes” which could result in the front wheel locking up and wash out.

Two fingers at the front brake lever also serves as reference point for your hand, making control over the throttle more stable. Two finger levers improve clutch and throttle control resulting in less fumbling in technical sections and in stop-and-go traffic. Shorty levers add confidence and improves the rider's overall handling ability and ergnomics of the bike, even more so when the rider is in the standing position.

Why fit OUR levers?

  • The improved ergonomic, simplistic design of our levers makes it easier to have positive control over the handlebars.
  • They improve performance when in the standing position with your elbows open and forward.
  • The chances of our levers breaking in case of a fall, is far less compared to the OEM "oars".
  • Our levers are not only shorter but also designed in such a way that your fingers lock in positively onto the lever - these are two finger levers in the true sense of the word.
  • The levers clear your other fingers wrapped around the handlebars completely. The days of pinching your clutch hand fingers are over.
  • Our levers use the same inner components as the original levers – the original components are transferred to the Wild@Heart two finger levers and have exactly the same adjustability as the OEM levers. The motorcycle’s switches and controls are therefore not aware that other levers are installed, and the levers do not interfere with the cruise control and clutch switch, unlike many other adjustable after-market levers.


Fitment of all our levers requires the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lever inner components to be transferred to the Wild@Heart shorty levers.

We do not have an online shop and prefer to interact with our customers. The instructions below explain how to order.

Click on the How to Order button.


You asked and we came up with a great solution (thanks to a customer suggestion). All our levers are again available in black and we also do the KTM levers in orange. The black and orange levers are cerakoted, which provides a thin layer which does not interfere with the smooth functioning of the levers and as an added bonus has an amazing finish.


The Aprillia Tuareg 660 is a high performance machine, guaranteed to give you the best of both worlds. It is lightweight, with an intelligent and effective design to give you maximum control on both asphalt/tar and dirt, sitting or standing.

The clutch lever of the Yamaha T7 and the Aprillia Tuareg is exactly the same. We therefore have only the clutch lever available at the moment. You can order and buy the clutch lever on its own now, or otherwise let us know if you want to be on a follow-up list to be contacted when the brake levers are also available. Production for the brake levers should be completed by end of May 2024.

Aprillia Tuareg 660 Clutch Lever Silver

Two Finger Clutch Lever - Aprillia Tuareg 660 Silver

R 1,875 VAT inclusive clutch only

BMW Levers

Chief BMW Designer Max Friz, designed the first BMW motorcycle. It was showcased on 28 September 1923 at the German Motor Show and started a century of success for the brand. For the GS, it all began in 1980, with the R80GS, the world's first large dual-sport motorcycle. Since then, BMW has been setting the benchmark in the adventure motorcycle segment.

To advance your riding experience, especially off-road and in technical conditions, complete your GS bike configuration with a set of Wild@Heart Two Finger Clutch and Brake Levers also known as shorty levers. You will feel the difference.

We have shorty clutch and brake levers available for the following GS models: R1250GS LC, R1200GS LC, R1200GS AC, F900GS, F850GS, F750GS, F800GS Twin, F650GS Twin and R9T. Levers for the new BMW R1300GS will be available soon!


BMW R1200/1250GS LC Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - BMW R1200/1250 GS &&; GSA Silver

R 2,800 VAT inclusive per set

BMW R1200GS Air-Cooled Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - BMW R1200GS/A 2004-2013 Air/Oil Cooled Silver

R 2,690 VAT inclusive per set

BMW F800GS Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - BMW F800GS/A &&; F650GS Twin 2008+ Silver

R 2,615 VAT inclusive per set

BMW 850/900GS Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - BMW 850/900GS Black

R 3,740 VAT inclusive per set

BMW R nineT Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - BMW R nine T

R 4,045 VAT inclusive per set


The Ducati DesertX 937 cc enduro motorcycle was released in 2022. The Italian motorcycle has a 110-horsepower (82 kW) V2 engine with a dry weight of 211 kilograms. The 21” front and 18” rear wheel combination, Kayaba long stroke suspension and a generous ground clearance of 250mm guarantees a definite grin inside the helmet.

The Wild@Heart two finger clutch and brake levers (also known as shorty levers) not only fit the DesertX, but also a wide range of other Ducati models including the Diavel, Multistrada, Monster, Hypermotard, Streetfighter, Superbike etc. - Too many to mention. If you have a Ducati other than the DesertX and are interested in our shorty levers please contact us so we can confirm if we will be able to assist.

Development of the clutch lever are completed, brake lever in process.


Harley-Davidson Pan America

The HD Pan America 1250 motorcycle is a versatile and comfortable machine, designed and built for adventure, both on and off-road. If you are looking for an unique design, with a high level of technical and power capability, this is the right fit for you. Let the adventure begin.


Harley-Davidson Pan America Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - Harley-Davidson Pan America Silver

R 4,005 VAT inclusive per set

Honda Levers

Looking for two finger levers for your Honda? We have shorty levers available for 2 of the 4 Africa Twin models: the CRF1000L 2016-2019 and the CRF1100L 2020+. If you have a Honda CRF DCT, you can buy the two finger brake lever only.

We also developed the shortly levers for the CRF450RX. Please drop us an email and we will gladly assist.

Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000

  • Fits the Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L 2016+. Clutch lever different from 1100, brake lever the same.
  • Colour: Natural anodized silver (photo in black)
  • Download Fitment Instructions
R 3,140 VAT inclusive per set

Honda Africa Twin CRF 1100 Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L 2020+

  • Fits the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L 2020+. Clutch lever different from 1000, brake lever the same.
  • Colour: Natural anodized silver (photo in black)
  • Download Fitment Instructions
R 3,195 VAT inclusive per set

Honda AT Adv Sports ES DCT Two Finger Brake Only

Two Finger Brake Lever - Honda Africa Twin Adv Sports ES DCT

R 2,045 VAT inclusive brake lever only


The Husqvarna Norden 901 is an exceptional adventure touring motorcycle comfortable to use for all conditions and roads. With high performance suspension, a powerful yet smooth 889cc parallel twin engine producing a claimed 105 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque, a lightweight steel trellis frame and allround tyres, you are guaranteed a great adventure.

To further enhance your riding comfort, add a set of our Wild@Heart Two Finger Levers, and feel the difference.

Husqvarna Norden 901 Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - Husqvarna Norden 901 Silver

R 3,680 VAT inclusive per set

KTM Levers

KTM AG (Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen formerly KTM Sportmotorcycle AG) is an Austrian motorcycle, bicycle and sports car manufacturer owned by Pierer Mobility AG and the Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto. Although the company was formed in 1992, traces of its foundation date to as early as 1934.

With our focus on adventure motorcycles, it is no surprise that Wild@Heart also has shorty two finger clutch and brake levers available for many of the KTM duals sport models. Models include the KTM1290 Super Adventure, the KTM1190 Adventure and the KTM790/890 Adventure as well as older models like the KTM950 and KTM990R and KTM950 Super Enduro.

If you have a KTM Enduro bike, we also developed a shorty clutch lever, which fit most of the 250 - 500cc 2008+ models.

Get Ready to Race and install a set of Wild@Heart Two Finger Levers to your orange machine.

KTM 790/890 Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - KTM 790 "&" 890 Adventure/R Silver

R 3,680 VAT inclusive per set

KTM 990 Two Finger Levers

Two Finger Levers - KTM 950/990 Adventure/R Silver

R 3,160 VAT inclusive per set

KTM1190/1290 Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - KTM1190/1290 Adventure/R Silver (up to 2021)

R 2,760 VAT inclusive per set

KTM1290 Two Finger Levers Silver 2021+

Two Finger Levers - KTM1290 Adventure/R Silver (2021+)

R 2,855 VAT inclusive per set

Yamaha T7

The Yamaha T7 features a 689cc 4-stroke Crossplane engine which gives you instant power in any situation. The strong linear torque and optimised transmission of this lightweight "go-anywhere" adventure bike, makes it a firm favourite under riders which prefer a smaller offroad bike.

The Yamaha T7 two finger levers are available and ready for shipping.

Yamaha T7 Two Finger Levers Silver

Two Finger Levers - Yamaha T7 Silver

R 4,250 VAT inclusive per set


Levers for the following motorcycles are next up in the development queue for 2024

  • BMW R1300GS !! - End of March 2024
  • Ducati Desert X - End of April 2024
  • Aprillia Tuareg 660 Brake Lever (Clutch lever already in stock) - End of May 2024
  • KTM 690 Adventure - July 2024
  • Husqvarna 701 - September 2024
  • Let us know if you are interested in any of the above and we will add you to the waiting list.

    If you are interested in any other shorty levers for a bike you cannot find on our website, please let us know and we can look into it. It might just be next!


Good day, just wanted to let you know that the levers were received, and they are amazing! Great craftsmanship and amazing build quality, they fit perfectly on my GS and give me the comfort I was missing on it. I wanted you and your team to know how happy I am with the product and the excellent customer service I received; is there anywhere I can leave you guys a review? I believe your products and company deserve more recognition worldwide! Thank you Wild@heart!

Jose, Texas, USA - November 2021
BMW R1200GSA 2014 Levers

Hi, I received my order, Thank you very much, they are awesome, and the fit is perfect!! Merci!

David, Québec, Canada - January 2021
KTM 890 Levers

Love your levers on my R1250GS, do a lot of technical mountain riding and they are awesome. New problem, just bough a new Ducati Desert X and want to have your levers on them as well. Do you intend to release levers for the Desert X?

Andrew, Australia - January 2023
BMW R1250GS Levers

Hi, I have a set of your brilliant shorty levers on my KTM 890. I can't ride without them, so I need a set for my new bike. Do you have plans to make shorty levers for the 2023 Triumph 1200 Rally Pro?

Brad, Washington USA - January 2023
KTM 890 Levers

I just received the levers! Thank you so much! They're are beautifully and lovingly made! I am sure there will be guys who might want it. I will put them across to you. Thanks again! Best regards to you from India!

Ashvin, India - August 2022
BMW R1250GS Levers

Just wanted to say that I installed the levers and been riding with them for a week now. They are amazing, next to the tractive suspension upgrade they are the best aftermarket kit I've come across! Thank you!!

Daniel, California USA - November 2021
BMW R1200GS LC Levers

Received the levers today and fitted them, and amazing 👌👍 love them. Big thank you to you and your team.

Gary, UK - April 2022
KTM 890 Levers

Your parcel is here!! Incredible 5 days from South Africa!! The levers are looking awesome! Thank you for your help and great service! Best regards.

Christoph, Austria - January 2022
KTM 890 Levers