Hard Luggage - Top Boxes and Panniers

The ongoing debate: Soft versus hard luggage

Hard Luggage versus Soft Luggage and which tyres to use must be the most debatable questions regarding off-road adventure riding and touring. As with most things, each rider has a specific preference and it easy to defend your choice. Besides your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) boxes, there are a few after-market choices. We only list some of the aluminium boxes here - a plastic top box simply are not the right product for a dual sport rider.

Motorradical Logo SW-Motech Logo

Good choices are SW-Motech Trax and local manufacturer Motorradical. Each with a slightly different design and their own advantages and disadvantages. The rule here is usually that the quality is in direct correlation with what you pay. There are other brands available as well, but these are the ones we normally order for customers when they require hard luggage.

We do however prefer soft luggage for adventure riding, but that is just the way we prefer to pack and travel.

Advantages of hard luggage

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • The solid feel and locks on a top box/panniers give a sense of security.
  • In town or for commuting a top box is very convenient to store items like your helmet, a laptop, diary etc. or for a quick shopping stop after work.
  • A top box (with back rest) can give your pillion a comfortable back rest.
  • It really looks cool when a top box/panniers are covered with interesting stickers of places and countries you visited. It makes you want to travel the world.
  • Optional extras like inner bags make it convenient to remove the content of the pannier boxes at overnight stops, leaving the pannier boxes on the motorcycle.

Disadvantages of hard luggage

  • It is more expensive and require a larger capital layout at purchase time.
  • Hard luggage is more bulky than soft luggage to store.
  • Hard luggage can only be used on your motorcycle. A soft tail bag can also be used for camping or normal travel bag.
  • When riding intermediate to rough terrain, the brackets of the boxes might not be strong enough and often break-off, leaving you stranded without a way to secure your luggage.
  • If the top box/pannier is not full, you have to take care with securing the content otherwise it will bump around and can possibly damage during riding.
  • If you do not use inner bags, the aluminium can stain or damage the content inside the top box/panniers.
  • Empty panniers/top box is heavier than soft luggage (even when empty).

Please phone or email us for a quotation on a top box or pannier set for your specific motorcycle and model.

Which brand to choose?

Price, appearance, quality and value for money. Everybody has their preference. At the moment available stock of the GlobeScout boxes in South Africa is low and we would suggest that you consider the SW-Motech Trax or the Motorradical boxes.

  • SW-Motech Trax Top Box Silver

    SW-Motech Trax Top Box

    Available in Silver and Black

    Above price includes the motorcycle specific top box adapter plate and locks for most motorcycles.

  • Motorradical Top Box Silver

    Motorradical Top Box

    Available in Powderocated Silver and Black
    from R5,595

    Above price excludes the motorcycle specific top box adapter plate, ranging from R800 to R1350.

Price Indication for Side Pannier Sets

SW-Motech Trax Side Panniers From R12,700 - R15,000 (VAT incl.) Includes the full mounting kit. Inner bags and other accessories sold seperately.
Motorradical Panniers From R12,370 (VAT incl.) Available in silver and black powdercoated options. The BMW R1200/1250GSA LC does not require racks. For a BMW R1200/1250GS LC, add pannier frames @ R3,150 (VAT incl.). Please contact us for quotations on other bikes.