How to order from us

Thank you! Awesome decision...

You saw something you like on our website... what now? Yes, we know it is old-fashioned and from the stone age, but we prefer not to use a basket system or online store on our website. Why? To keep personal contact with our customers and assist with advice on, if the products you want to buy will fit you or your motorcycle or are suitable for the application you want to use it for.

Doing things this way, ensure that you will not order and pay for goods which might not actually work for you or are not available at the time.

So here we go...


Please send us all your details when making the enquiry. This will include your name and surname, the product(s) you want, your motorcycle model and year, your email address, physical address and contact number. That way we can directly give you a quote, including delivery.

The contact number is required if you want to go ahead with the order (the courier requires this information) - we will not phone or use this information for anythng else, this is the only purpose we need it for.

Delivery: We send all international parcels via DHL Express Courier, unfortunately the South African Post office is not as reliable and fast as we would like it to be for international parcels and has resulted in lots of frustration and sometimes unhappy customers, which we rather choose to avoid.

The price we quote you will include delivery, but exclude any country specific costs like VAT or customs duties. We use the harmonized tariff code: 871410 (motorcycle parts) for our two finger levers and other motorcycle accessories. We specify on the DHL export form the value of the product(s) only, without delivery costs.

Payment Options: Payment via PayPal is preferred, it is fast, easy and reliable. We will email you a quote you in USD for the product including DHL delivery fee. Alternatively you can pay via international swift transfer.

Please note: We cannot declare a lesser value or mark the products we send as gifts or promotional, if it is not.


Since August 2019, we only trade online and do not have the walk-in shop in Cape Town anymore.

Please send us an e-mail to info@wildatheartadventure.co.za or WhatsApp to +27 82 888 4312 with the following information:

  • Your name, surname, a contact telephone number and e-mail address.
  • List all the items (code/description/size/colour) you would like to order.
  • If you order accessories for your motorcycle, please include the make, model and year of your motorcycle. It will help us to determine if the products will fit your specific motorcycle.
  • Your full physical delivery address for delivery purposes.
We will then in return ...

  • If the email is clear, all information received and we have the product available, we will directly send you a Pro-forma invoice including courier/delivery charge.
  • If we cannot assist, do not have the product in stock at the time or need more information from you, we will contact you via email or WhatsApp to confirm/clarify.
  • Our banking details are on the bottom of the invoice for electronic transfers. Please WhatsApp or email proof of payment to us.
  • As soon as we receive proof of payment, we will process the order and pack it.
  • For South African parcels to major centres, it usually takes 2-3 working days before you receive the goods. If it is a small parcel and the delivery area is a major centre, we send it overnight.
  • Parcels to outlying areas might take a bit longer and vary based on the destination.

Delivery: We sent parcels with a very reputable and reliable local courier service, The Courier Guy. If you live in an outlying or rural area, we might opt for PostNet to PostNet if the parcel is small, as the courier fees might be more than your purchase cost!

Payment options: Cash deposit, electronic transfer or SnapScan. Details for payment will be on the Pro Forma.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will help the best we can.