About Us

Tankwa Road. Let's ride...

Who are we?

Both partners in the business are keen riders, love new challenges and share a passion for adventure, travel and the outdoors. Working in "normal jobs", we knew we wanted to find something which will give us more freedom and time to enjoy life.

In 2006 we took the big step and after looking at many different existing businesses to buy, decided to start our own business from scratch in an industry we know and can relate to. From a flat, to a garage, to a small rented space... and later to another more suitable premises, we worked long hours and late nights to make it work.

We like to share our experiences and always try our best to give our customers sensible, practical advice on the right product for their specific need.

Although our main focus is on the BMW GS adventure rider, we also cater for other models and brands,. including KTM and Triumph. Many of our products are non-brand specific and fit any motorcycle model. Take your time, browse and enjoy our website. We have awesome products available to make your next adventure the best ever. When you are in the area, please visit our showroom in Cape Town, South Africa. It is always nice to meet other riders who share our interests. If you do not live close by, we have dealers in many of the major cities in South Africa.

May you have many hours of happy and safe riding.

Our Mission


Awesome Products

Average does not cut it for us. We strive for quality products at fair prices - does not matter whether we manufacture it, import it, resell it... We believe in everything we keep in our shop.


Awesome Customers

We like our customers. Nothing makes our day like spending time with great, interesting people, who enjoys the same things we like and believe in.

We will always try to give you the best possible experience when buying from us, based on integrity, knowledge, experience and passion.


Doing Awesome Things

We cannot always spend our time exactly like we want to, but we know the awesome things we still want to do. We dream about it, plan it and do it. Our bucket list keep growing. Not because we are not doing anything, but because we want to do so much more. Our motorcycle tours are fun, relaxed and aim to give you an unforgettable experience. Plan those trips and do the things. Every single day is a gift. Use it wisely.

Our Name


eople often ask us about the name of our company. Should the name not be "Adventure Motorcycle Gear" or something which clearly states what we do. For us our name reflect who we are and the journey we took to get there.

We were at some point in our lives where we wanted to make a big change. We investigated many options, investments and business opportunities, but nothing inspired us. It is amazing that you can read so many business and/or inspirational books you want, but nothing really prepares you for the big adventure of starting your own business from scratch. Places you worked, previous studies and experience and people you know or worked with have some influence, but actually taking the big step is an unknown and ongoing adventure.

For us "Wild at Heart Adventure" represents the adventure we took to start something new and we do it with passion, with a wild heart and without looking back.

In summary

This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.

David Lynch
American Director

Who to contact...

  • Johan Olivier

    Johan Olivier

    Johan takes care of our customers, new products, product development, suppliers, stock and dealers. He is a qualified BMW off-road training instructor and the leading guide on all our tours.

  • Isabeau Wilson
    Fellow Adventurer

    Isabeau Wilson

    Isabeau takes care of our finances, logistics, imports, exports, marketing and website. She loves to travel and is an expert on finding new interesting places to visit for our tour itineraries.