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The Wolfman Story

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage has been made with Quality, Passion and Integrity since 1992. The company story began over 20 years ago and today Wolfman continues to build highly functional, versatile motorcycle luggage used by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

  • 1992 - Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage begins crafting professional grade motorcycle luggage
  • 2000 - Wolfman Luggage opens its first online store
  • 2003 - Wolfman's line of motorcycle luggage is refined and expanded
  • 2007 - Wolfman introduces the use of tough vinyl fabric for the Expedition Series
  • 2010 - Waterproof, multi-use Rolie Bags are introduced
  • 2014 & Beyond - Wolfman continues to refine and define motorcycle luggage

Wolfman Luggage has the most sought after motorcycle luggage on the market. Each piece of luggage features a built-in versatility that allows riders to carry exactly what they need to suit their specific use, type of bike and personal style.

Wolfman Owner, Eric Hougen

Why choose a Wolfman product?

  • The people at Wolfman are passionate about motorcycles.
  • Wolfman is a family-owned and operated business.
  • Wolfman proudly manufactures and creates jobs in the USA.

The people at Wolfman are not only passionate about motorcycles, they like the motorcycle industry, luggage and their grassroots community. They love to ride (don't we all?) and use their passion to manufacture the highest quality, USA-made motorcycle luggage and accessories, backed by the highest level of service. The range includes innovative designs - no matter what or where you ride, whether you are into street bikes, cruisers, commuting, weekend rides or full-scale adventures. Wolfman offers a complete line of Motorcycle Luggage and Motorcycle Luggage Accessories.

For pictures and prices of the Wolfman products, visit the Wolfman Products page on our website. You can also visit the Wolfman Luggage website for more information, videos and pictures: www.wolfmanluggage.com.