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The Sargent Cycle Products Story

The Sargent Cycle Products history spans nearly 80 years in the sewn products industry and begins way back in 1935 when Henry Sargent opened Sargent Seat Cover Company. Henry Sargent’s vision was to service to the local automobile dealerships in northeast Florida and surrounding region by providing ready-made automobile seat covers. This became such a successful automobile reupholstery business, that remains in operation today. In 1950, Marion Todd, recognizing the opportunity, purchased the company and transformed it to include virtually all forms of transportation upholstery. Whilst Marion Todd focused on custom automotive and marine upholstery services, his emphasis was on customer service. Marion believed that the customer experience was every bit as important as the quality of the product. This believe remains to this day, a core value at Sargent Cycle Products.

Sargent Cycle Products Family History

The Todd family grew with the company over the years, and in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Marion's sons Mike and Mark joined their father in the pursuit of innovation in the sewn products industry. Mark Todd, having a keen interest in motorcycling, had been on many excursions to the Great Smokey Mountains. After a particular trip in 1990, the concept of the company’s next evolution was realized, when a close friend whose motorcycle seat was in desperate need of new upholstery sparked the idea to offer a motorcycle seat reupholstering and reconditioning service via mail-order. Mark suggested to his friend to ship the seat to him for the reconditioning and, when it was finished, he would send it back… The process had begun!

Before long, a marketing strategy was developed and advertisements were placed in prominent motorcycle publications. Sargent Cycle Upholstery was created. As demand for this service grew, Sargent Cycle Upholstery established a conversation with its customers and learned what they liked and more importantly, did not like about their stock and aftermarket seats.

During this period of discovery, a new mission began to take shape. In 1996, Mark launched his own aftermarket seat line - World Sport Performance Seats. This new seating concept was created to give sport and sport touring motorcycle owners a comfortable, attractive, precision-engineered and lightweight seating product. This offering of a seat with advanced features not yet seen in the marketplace, Sargent established its position as an innovator in the industry under a new entity - Sargent Cycle Products North America. Today Sargent still continues this tradition of innovation, excellence in customer service, and the manufacturing of quality products.

Under the direction of Mark Todd, Sargent Cycle Products North America is now a division of Mark One Industries Inc. and is known world-wide for premium motorcycle seating products and accessories. What an incredible story! We love success stories like this, build on good quality products, innovation and dedication to excellence.

What makes a Sargent seat different from other brands?

At Sargent it has always been the goal to improve upon what the competitors are doing. For practical purposes as well as aesthetics and longevity, Sargent does not glue the upholstery down to the foam like most other aftermarket seat manufacturers.

Gluing the cover down to the foam can result in three problems:

  • Foam Suspension Interference - Gluing the upholstery to the foam doesn't allow the foam to "move" independently from the upholstery resulting in foam that feels too stiff or hard. By allowing the foam to move independently from the upholstery, the full dynamics of the foam suspension can be fully utilized.
  • Bubbling - Gluing the upholstery to the foam is often a relatively temporary bond. Because the cover and the foam expand and contract at different rates due to temperature changes and use pressures, the bond often breaks resulting in unsightly air pockets or "bubbles."
  • Moisture Barrier Installation - Bonding the upholstery to the foam prevents the use of a plastic moisture barrier in the area of the bond. Using a mechanical tie, as opposed to gluing allows Sargent to apply a continuous and effective moisture barrier, virtually eliminating water infiltration and the need for rain covers.

The range of available Sargent World Sport Performance Seats are so extensive, we cannot list it all on this page. The table below list a few of the popular seats for Dual Purpose BMW's to give you an idea of the features and pricing.

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