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Rokstraps offers a new level of durability, strength and safety in the tie-down elastic luggage straps and cargo strap market. Whether you need to carry light something light like a jacket on the handle bars of your motorcycle, a bag on your rear luggage rack or heavier items like a surfboard on your car roof rack, ROK™ Straps has the right tie down elastic strap to suit your individual needs.

ROKStraps for Motorcycles

You will find exactly what you are looking for within the range of fully adjustable and set-length flat tie down straps to choose from. No more unsightly bungee straps or hazardous tie down shock cords - the ROK™ tie-down straps will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these tie-down straps will become an integral part of your lifestyle.

Made of solid, natural rubber, RokStraps carries a one year warranty.

To visit the Rokstraps website, you can follow this link: Rokstraps Website