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NoNoise Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading audiologists and hearing technicians in the Netherlands for over 20 years. The company's experience includes development of customised hearing protection (otoplastics) across Europe in motorsport, music, industry, military, police & shooting sports.

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NoNoise's experience with designing and producing professional custom-fit hearing protectors and their unique technology, means that you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your valuable hearing.

Rigorous production quality standards which exceed the European Standard EN352-2 are followed and production is independently certified to ISO9001:2008. Products are independently tested and approved in Germany. Unlike many manufacturers, NoNoise are proud to share their test results and use an internationally recognised independent German testing institute.

Affordable pricing can be achieved, because the NoNoise patented ceramic filter technology are shared with professional custom-fit protectors – which means the production savings can be passed on to the end-user. Without the enormous investments the company made in research and precision machinery over many years, this would simply not be possible.

Noise-induced deafness is irreversible, so hearing protection is essential in many environments. Hearing impairment is not caused overnight – it is generally incremental damage over a period of time. Damage occurs at noise levels over 80dB, with each 3dB increase equating to a doubling of noise.

Hearing protectors attenuate the noise, but only make sense if they are worn all the time during noise exposure. So NoNoise Hearing Protectors are designed to fit comfortably, cause no irritation, and allow you to communicate normally.

Possible Hearing Damage Related to Noise Levels

10% of young people between 16 and 30 have permanent hearing damage and the numbers are increasing. Apart from hearing damage, other health complaints like tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound, high blood pressure and early age-related hearing difficulties are caused by excessive exposure to loud noise. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). At sound levels of 110dB or more, you will risk immediate and permanent hearing damage. At lower sound volumes (80-110dB) the risk to your hearing is dependent on the duration for which you are exposed to the sound. Note that the dB scale is logarithmic, i.e. an increase of just 3dB results in the effective doubling of the sound strength; this also means that for every increase of 3dB the time it takes to cause permanent hearing damage is halved. The chart provides some examples of noise levels and the damaging effect they can have at different exposure times.

dB Sound/Noise Damage NoNoise Product
150 Gun shot, fireworks Immediately SHOOT
130 Sound peak during music concert Immediately MUSIC
120 Pile-driving machine, hammer drill Immediately WORK
110 Chain saw, power drill, grinder Almost immediately WORK
100 Drums, club, disco After 5 minutes MUSIC
95 Wind noise on a motorbike After 15 minutes MOTORSPORT
92 Small compressor, power drill After 30 minutes DIY & GARDEN
89 Lawn mower After 1 hour DIY & GARDEN
86 Busy city traffic, passing train After 2 hours TRAVEL
83 In passenger aeroplane, loud voices After 4 hours TRAVEL
60/80 Snoring, night-time noise Sleep deprivation SLEEP

Highest Precision

NoNoise patented sound filters are made from a special ceramic material including zirconium oxide, at temperatures of over 2,700°C, under strictly controlled conditions. The quality of this high-tech ceramic material ensures precision attenuation and high definition sound. The Venturi-shaped channel running through the centre of the filter absorbs sound waves differently from other filters ensuring best quality, safe, dampened sound.

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