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Leatt Corporation is in the business of designing, developing and distributing protection equipment for all forms of motor sports. Currently Leatt Corp. is the global distributor of the Leatt-Brace®, a revolutionary neck protection system for all helmeted sports. Other patents and products are in development. Research and Development takes place in Cape Town, South Africa and production is based predominantly in China. Leatt has warehouses and a distribution office in California for the North American Market, New Zealand, and a world-wide network of distributors.

The main area of focus is the prevention of neck injuries in persons wearing a cra sh helmet, for whatever purpose. The impetus for the project came from Dr. Leatt’s medical knowledge, his history as a motorcycle racer and the many neck injuries he has witnessed. The product not only has motor sport applications but can be used by anyone wearing a crash helmet as a form of protection. The inventor, Dr. Chris Leatt, oversees the Research and Development, ensuring that the Leatt-Brace® remains the gold standard for neck protection.

Dr. Leatt will continue to serve as Director and will be focused on overall strategic planning and new product development. The full board is Jeffery Joseph Guzy, Dr. Christopher James Leatt and Sean Macdonald. Leatt Corporation appointed Mr. Macdonald as C.E.O and Director in 2010. Mr. Macdonald has been employed at Leatt since beginning of 2009 as Leatt’s Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Macdonald is a registered Chartered Accountant in South Africa. Mr. Guzy has served on the Board as a Director since 2007. Mr. Guzy is an executive with significant business development experience. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.


Shortly after his son start’s riding, Dr Chris Leatt witnessed the death of a fellow rider, Alan Selby. This incident moved Dr Leatt to begin designing his first neck brace prototypes. In 2004 Dr. Leatt sold the first Leatt neck brace in South Africa. At EICMA in 2006, BMW documents the Leatt neck brace and later that year, the final mass produced versions of the neck brace make it to market.

Dr. Leatt & Andreas Geisinger introduced the product at the 6th International Motorcycle Conference in Cologne, Germany. The Leatt neck brace featured on the cover of RacerX in 2007 and was awarded Product of the Year by the same publication.

Also in 2007, a critically injured David Bailey releases a video encouraging the use of the Leatt neck braces for all riders. Demand for the product spikes and in 2008, the now world renowned Leatt Lab was founded.

In 2009 Leatt receives the SAMIA Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement, was announced Winner of the 2009 Innovations Award at Eurobike and readers of Motocross Action vote the Leatt neck brace ‘Product of the Decade’.

2010 saw the introduction of the DBX brace, the first bicycle-specific neck brace system and it wins the BrandNew Award (in the Safety Equipment category) at BikeExpo in Germany. Downhill Mountain Bike star, Sam Hill, returns from an injury to take the World Championships while wearing this new DBX brace. Ryan Dungey wins the SuperCross Championship, convincingly, wearing the GPX neck brace.

The STX neck brace for road going motorcycle riders was introduced in 2011 at the Dealer EXPO in February.

Cyril Despres wins his 5th Dakar race in 2013 wearing the GPX neck brace along with Leatt body protection and Leatt hydration system. The MRX automotive head and neck restraint system is introduced at the Performance Racing Industry trade show. Racer X magazine rates Leatt neck braces as the Reader’s Choice for neck protection for the 5th year in a row. This year also saw the press launch of the Leatt C-Frame knee brace.

In 2014 the new improved Leatt GPX 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 braces are introduced.

The Leatt® Lab

At the heart of the Leatt® Lab, is Dr. Chris Leatt himself - a fellow rider, father and inventor. Dr. Leatt was in the process of specializing in neurosurgery when he assisted in the treatment of a victim of a tragic motorcycle enduro accident, Alan Selby, who died on the track from a suspected neck injury.

It was something Chris never wanted to see again or subject his son, aged 4 at the time (and who had just started riding) to the risks of and so he left his studies and began to design what would ultimately become the Leatt-Brace®.

Born and raised in South Africa, Chris studied medicine at the University of Cape Town. He began his internship in the UK in 1995, before returning to his home country to take up a position as General Practitioner three years later.

He has worked in the trauma wards of several hospitals, and spent time as a registrar at the Tygerberg Academic Hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery.In 2004, Chris gave up his medical career to focus exclusively on the Leatt-Brace®.

Dr. Leatt was also a medical officer for three FIM MX South African Motorcycle Grand Prixs, and was frequently trackside during races in Nelspruit and Sun City. In 2005/6, he was the injury assistant officer for Motorsport South Africa (MSA).

Dr. Leatt heads up the Leatt®-Lab in Cape Town, South Africa, where most of Leatt®’s research & development takes place. He also still participates actively in motorcycle racing.

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