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The Kaoko Story

Kaoko is a specialised company which prides themselves in innovative products with proven durability. Kaoko was established after the owner, Roy Mentis, developed a long-range fuel tank for a trip through the Kaokoveld in Namibia.

Kaokoland Area
The Kaokoveld extends south-north from the Hoanib river to the Kunene river and also marks the border between Namibia and Angola. This area is largely mountainous, with the northern Baynes Mountains reaching the maximum elevation at 2039 m. Although the fuel tank was a great success, Roy discovered a far more serious problem during his trip - an extremely tired wrist. This led to the design of Kaoko’s first cruise control in 2001 and the Kaokoland, one of the last remaining true wildernesses areas on earth, became the inspiration for the company’s name.

Since then Kaoko has gained a vast amount of experience in the design and manufacture of cruise controls. The Kaoko™ Cruise Control is now world renowned. All Kaoko™ Cruise Controls are designed for a specific motorcycle make and model and there is a product for the majority of bikes over 600cc.   The Kaoko workmanship and materials are of the highest engineering standards. In 2009, Kaoko won the prestigious SABS Design Excellence Award for the Kaoko™ Cruise Control. Kaoko continues to develop cruise controls of the highest quality for the growing range of motorcycles available. These controls are available for almost all BMW GS bikes and other adventure motorcycles as well.

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