Inflating your tyres

Just like with most things, there are more than one way to inflate the tyres of your bike. You can use air cartridges, a hand or foot pump, ride to the nearest service station or of course use a compressor.

We believe it is the easiest, quickest and most effective to use a small compressor which you can use at home or take with on a trip. You can then pop a few of the cartridges in your repair kit for a back-up plan if necessary.

What is the advantages of a compressor?

  • Quick and easy to use
  • The pressure gauge on the compressor is often more reliable for measurements than the gauge at the local service station
  • Easy to get to the valve of the motorcycle
  • Does not need replacing after use, meaning that you can use it as often as you like - helping fellow riders as well
  • Because it is so easy to use, you are more likely to inflate and deflate your tyres more often based on the terrain you are riding (which means that your tyres will last longer), you will use the correct tyre pressure (ensuring a safer more comfortable ride with more confidence)

What is the disadvantages?

  • More bulky to pack than cartridges or a small hand pump and you will have to find a place on the bike to pack it where it will be easy to reach and protected
  • Initial cost more than with a hand pump or air cartridges
  • Your family members and friends might want to borrow it for their cars or to take with on trips because it is so convenient. Alternatively you might have to buy them their own.

Available Compressors