Air-it25 Compressor

Air-It25 Compressor


If you are looking for a small but extremely powerful compressor for your 4x4 or larger MUV, the Air-it25 is the compressor for you. Slightly larger than the Air-it15 Compressor, but with more power for your vehicle.

  • Developed and Precision made in Germany
  • Die-cast Aluminium Compressor
  • 25 Amp On Board Power Supply Fuse
Product Code: WCMPDLK25. Categories: Compressors, Tyre Repair.

Pressure gauge integrated into flexible 500mm long hose with Bar and PSI readings.

Crocodile clips on a 3.3m electrical cable to fit directly on the battery.

The Air-it25 Compressor is not suitable for motorcycles. It will run the battery down quickly.

Voltage DC 12 Volt
Power Input 300 Watt
On Board Power Supply Fuse 25 Amps
Plastic Compressor Housing 80mm x 170mm x 170mm
Maximum Continuous Running Time 17 Minutes
Pressure Range 0 - 5.75 Bar
Weight 1.8 Kg

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