Air-it15 Compressor

Air-It15 Compressor


Looking for a small compressor to take with on your motorcycle trips? The Air-it15 is exactly what you need. Small, compact and VERY powerful. Excellent value for money. It will not let you down. The Air-it15 Compressor is not only ideal for you bike, but also very handy to keep in your motor vehicle.

  • Developed and Precision made in Germany
  • Die-cast Aluminium Compressor
  • 15 Amp On Board Power Supply Fuse
Product Code: WCMPDLK15. Categories: Compressors, Tyre Repair

Pressure gauge integrated into flexible 500mm long hose with Bar and PSI readings. Male plug to fit standard cigarette lighter plug.

Please note: The Air-it15 Compressor will not operate through the standard socket fitted on the new generation CAN-Bus system motorcycles e.g. BMW R1200GS / F800GS etc. (The CAN-Bus is a two wire bus used to allow communication between power train related components and systems. The CAN-Bus is programmed to handle a maximum load of 5 Amps.) This means that any appliance which is plugged into the standard Hella socket will not work if it draws more than 5 Amps. The Air-it15 Compressor draws on average 10 Amps.

To run the Air-it15 Compressor from the motorcycle you have two options:

  • Run the compressor directly from the battery using crocodile clips.
  • Install an additional socket on the motorcycle e.g. 12V Kit with a 15 AMP fuse, which is directly connected to the battery and run the compressor from that socket.
Voltage DC 12 Volt
Power Input 180 Watts
On Board Power Supply Fuse 15 Amp
Plastic Compressor Housing 70mm x 170mm x 150mm
Maximum Continuous Running Time 8 Minutes
Maximum Capacity 6 Bar
Weight 1.2 Kg

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