How to Order

Great Decision

You saw something you like on our website... what now? If you are in Cape Town, pop over to our store in and come and get it. Or, we can courier it with a local courier if your work and life schedule is a bit complicated and you struggle to get a chance to come and visit us. If you are not in the Cape Town area and cannot visit our showroom, we have a very efficient mail order system and send orders daily to customers all over South African and the rest of the world.

We prefer not to use a basket system or online store on our website, to keep personal contact with our customers and assist with advise on if the products you want to buy will fit you or your motorcycle or are suitable for the application you want to use it for.

This way we attempt to ensure that you will not order and pay for goods which might not actually work for you.

Payment Options

Various payment options are available to make it easier for you to shop without leaving your office or house. In store, we accept cash, all debit cards, cheque cards, credit cards, or you can make payment via EFT. For online or international transactions, you can also pay via international funds transmission or PayPal.

Diners Club Card PayPal Visa or MasterCard American Express EFT Payment Pay in Cash

Courier Options

We only use reputable courier companies or if you prefer parcels to be send to your postal address, we can send it via Speed Services. Courier/Delivery costs depend on the weight and dimensions of the parcel. If you only order 1 or 2 small items, which will fit in a large envelope and weighs less than 1.5kg, it might be more cost effective to send it by Speed Services to your closest Post Office counter. If your time is limited and you prefer not to go to the post office, we can send it to your physical address.

If you have your own preferred courier service you can also arrange for a collection.

Let's do it

Please send us an e-mail to with the following information:
  • Your name, surname, a contact telephone number, fax number and/or e-mail address.
  • List all the items (code/description/size) you would like to order.
  • If you order accessories for your motorcycle, please include the make, model and year of your motorcycle. It will help us to determine if the products will fit your specific motorcycle.
  • Your physical address for courier purposes or a postal address including postal code for Speed Services.
We will then in return ...
  • Contact you via email or telephone to confirm/clarify your order if necessary.
  • Alternatively we will directly send you a Pro-forma invoice including courier/postage.
  • Our banking details are on the bottom of the invoice for electronic transfers. Please email proof of payment to us.
  • If you prefer to pay by credit card, we will send you an credit card authorisation form to complete.
  • If you prefer to pay via PayPal, we will initiate the payment request and you can complete the payment on your side.
  • As soon as we receive proof of payment, we will process the order and pack it.
  • For South African parcels to major centres, it usually takes 2-3 working days before you receive the goods.
  • International parcels and parcels to outlying areas will take a while longer and vary based on the destination.

Easy as pie.... If you have any questions, please let us know and we will help the best we can.

Our commitment to you

  • To try our best to get it right the first time
  • To minimise the waiting period for product, wherever we can.
  • To give you the best advise on products.
  • Our personal attention and time.

We believe good service comes as a result of

  • Competency and product knowledge
  • Honesty and integrity in all business dealings
  • Personal interaction
  • Convenience
  • Courteous, friendly treatment