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The Ortlieb Story

Hartmut Ortlieb founded ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany in 1982. In pure personal need for waterproof equipment, the first Ortlieb bike panniers were created – nothing similar was available at that time! Ortlieb’s first products were hand-made on Hartmut's mother’s sewing machine - dry bags and bicycle panniers made of truck tarps. These prototypes were tested by Hartmut and his friends on self-organized bicycle and climbing tours. What started very simple has soon developed into a story of success.

Ortlieb History - Hartmut Ortlieb

In 1997 the firm relocated to the Middle Franconian town of Heilsbronn, in the regional district of Ansbach. These days, the company has more than 140 employees, and ORTLIEB’s collection has grown to include over 500 individual products. Everything is located under one roof - from development and design to engineering, production, sales, marketing, and shipment. All waterproof products are produced in a high frequency welding method at the German headquarters in Heilsbronn.

Ortlieb Company Facilities- Heilsbronn

Today Ortlieb is a synonym for waterproof bicycle panniers. Numerous supporters and all weather bikers carry the message of the reliable brand Ortlieb around the world. The bicycle messengers make a remarkable contribution as well, and are with their messenger bags part of every metropolis. They are the evidence "on wheels" that durability is a promise by Ortlieb. The founders of the bike and outdoor industry were visionaries. What was considered as non-conformism back then is normal today. The bicycle has proven to be a universal means of transport, a sport toy both on the road and off-road. Ortlieb consumers keep on demonstrating how the founder’s visions became reality. Since the foundation ORTLIEB has been the driving force in the bike and outdoor market, and has set standards in the field of high functional equipment.

The target has always remained the same: individuals who actively spend their leisure time in nature should feel independent from all facts they cannot influence, in other words: from the weather.

"Made in Germany" guarantees high quality outdoor equipment for all demands, all weathers and all terrains.

Ortlieb products include the following lines:

  • Bike Panniers
  • Backpacks
  • Messenger Bags
  • Travel Bags
  • Camera Bags
  • Dry Bags
  • Motorcycle Bags
  • Horse Panniers
  • Water Transport
  • Protective Cases
  • First Aid Kits
  • Accessories

Visit the Ortlieb Waterproof Luggage Page for prices on some of the Ortlieb Waterproof Motorcycle Bags we stock. For more information on Ortlieb and their other awesome waterproof products, visit: www.ortlieb.de.