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Gentyre Pty Ltd. then called "The General Tyre and Rubber Company (SA) Pty Ltd.", was established in 1947 by the Williams Hunt Group, South Africa, and General Tyres International in Akron, Ohio. The manufacturing facility was built in Port Elizabeth in 1948 and by the end of 1950, tyres, tubes and repair materials were being sold in South Africa, the Rhodesias (now Zambia and Zimbabwe), Nyasaland (Malawi) and South West Africa (Namibia).

Continental TCK80 Tyres
The Company continued to expand through the 1950's and in the early 1960's General steel-belted radial ply tyres were introduced in the market.

In 1978, General Tyre in South Africa concluded a technical service agreement with Continental AG in Germany - the first formal association between the two companies - which gave the Company access to the technology required to build high performance steel-belt radial ply tyres in South Africa.

Continental Tyre SA has achieved notable success through Continental in the original equipment market - particularly in the high performance passenger tyre categories. With an overwhelming dominance of production car racing in South Africa, Continental became highly visible as a leading performance tyre - and three leading motor manufacturers chose Continental tyres to establish nearly every South African speed and endurance record over the past 6 years. Reaffirming its performance heritage, Continental introduced the first locally manufactured Z-speed rated tyre in South Africa in 1992. In the same year, they also introduced the first high performance 16-inch tyre - the 205/55ZR16 CZ90. In 1994, Continental again asserted its position at the forefront of leading edge technology in South Africa with the introduction of the first locally manufactured 17-inch tyre - the 235/40ZR17 CZ90 - fitted as original equipment on the BMW M3 sports coupe'. Continental tyres are now approved as original equipment on all leading South African manufactured high performance saloons and sports hatchbacks -manufactured by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Opel, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Ford.

Continental also manufactures a range of motorcycle tyres, of which we highly recommend the TKC80's, a well-tried multi-use tyre for both street and dirt.

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