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The Company

AIRHAWK’s parent company, The ROHO Group, Inc., has been the leading pioneer in Shape Fitting Technology® since 1973. The technology has been used in medical applications to bring health, safety and comfort to some very intense pressure situations. The technology was originally invented for wheelchair users. People who spend up to 12 hours a day seated are at risk for painful and sometimes life-threatening pressure ulcers. Robert H. Graebe spent years developing a solution to the problem. He invented a cushion that equalized forces over the weight-bearing areas of the body, relieving dangerous pressure points. His cushion, the ROHO®, was designed with supple interconnecting air cells to allow a patient to virtually float on air.

The ROHO cushion became renowned in the medical profession, and the same patented technology was later used to create mattresses for long-term care patients and other products.

He found that DRY FLOATATION® technology has more amazing properties than just pressure equalization. It also controls vibration and absorbs shock. Truck drivers who spend their day strapped into the seat of an 18-wheeler, and motorcycle riders who are at the mercy of engine and road vibrations experience significant fatigue, numbness and even health risks such as spinal column compression. In 1997, ROHO brought DRY FLOATATION technology to the transportation and recreation industries with AIRHAWK® Comfort Seating Systems.

The Benefits

The AIRHAWK is a motorcycle seat overlay that provides the rider with unsurpassed comfort during long rides. The AIRHAWK uses scientifically proven air technology to distribute your weight and pressure over the entire motorcycle seat cushion, reducing the "hot spots" that cause pain. The air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration. Once you've tried it, you won't ride without it!

  • Eliminate numbness and painful pressure points.
  • Double your ride time - guaranteed.
  • Reduce moisture and body heat build up.
  • Handcrafted with quality.

Made in the USA
You can now take comfort anywhere - there is an AIRHAWK comfort seating system that will fit your ride today! Visit the AirHawk Website for more information.

Foams are hard, gels are hot.... ride on air!